Who We Are.

The Reproductive Health Investors Alliance (The Alliance) is a collaborative of foundations and investors that has come together to bring new investment, enterprise, and collective efforts into the reproductive health space in the United States. The Alliance team will identify, vet and incubate deals and solutions for reproductive health.

Our History.

In 2017, a group of foundations and impact investors came together and asked: “What if we collaborated to creatively solve some of the most difficult problems in reproductive health in the United States using private sector business models?” As a first step, the collaborative commissioned the development of a comprehensive landscape assessment, outlining strategic investment opportunities. In October of 2017, the collaborative members convened in San Francisco to review the findings of the assessment, The U.S. Reproductive Health Investment Case. Investing together to achieve collective impact, they determined, was a worthy path to follow. The Tara Health Foundation incubated The Alliance in its early days. Today, The Alliance is an independent organization focused on the vision of its early luminaries.

What We Believe.

We believe that reproductive health has been historically under-funded and deserves more attention in these turbulent times. We believe that through collaboration we will create more powerful solutions. We believe that investment can move the field in new and innovative ways. And, we believe that we can and will expect financial returns for our investments in this space.

Our Focus.

At The Alliance, our primary focus is to bring new types of capital and companies into the field of reproductive health to benefit women in the United States. We will jointly grant, loan, and invest the capital of our robust and growing network that includes: philanthropies, family offices, equity investors, and other financial institutions. And, we will incubate and grow sustainable businesses that support the field of reproductive health.